about me

My name is Allison, and I love to create.  Even more, I love finding something rustic and giving it new life.  I am a wife, mother to three adorable young girls, and giver of food to my cute boxer Cali

I am originally from Orange County California, but have lived in Arizona for the last few years.  (I still can't claim being from Arizona, even though it has treated us well.  Something about the heat I just can't get use to).  I went to San Diego State University where I majored in theatre.  This might be where I came to love design even more than I did already.  Working in the set design department was so sweet!  Using those power tools gave me such a sense of empowerment..."I am women hear me roar!"  In college (and still) I would always want to make my surroundings look and feel better.  My condo was always being rearranged to give it new life.  After college, I moved to London, England and worked for the London Film Commission where I did location scouting for film production companies.  That was a blast and I would love to go back; just need to convince my husband of that.  I was a full time working mom in corporate America up until Dec 2009.  I loved my job but love my job of mom even more.  Some days are difficult, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Being creative I need an outlet, a place of sanctuary, and that is what painting and refurbishing furniture gives me. 

I love... furniture, design, colors, animals (especially my boxer Cali and my late boxer Buddy!), traveling the globe, being outside enjoying the beauty around us, snowboarding, bowling, soccer, football, dancing, listening to good music (all types SERIOUSLY!), reading, cooking, eating, restauranting, watching movies, TV, and just being with great friends and my family.

I hope you enjoy following The Rustic Alley. 
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