I work closely with my clients to bring new life to their furniture.  Each job is unique, just like each piece I work on.  Seeing the expression on my client's face as they see their old furniture transformed into something they love is the most rewarding part of what I do.  Let this someone be YOU!

The Rustic Refinish  
Refinish your existing furniture customized to fit your vision.  No matter what you need I can do it!  Painting, staining, name it, I can make it happen!  Each piece is priced individually based on the size and extent of the work.  Email pictures and describe the shape your furniture is in and I can provide you with a custom quote. 

The Shopping Alley
I will shop for you (or with you) to find the exact piece(s) you are looking for and make your vision a reality.  Don't be discouraged if you don't know your style, we will work together to find it!  This service is great for the busy client who wants the job done but doesn't have time to do it themselves.  I work with all different budgets large or small.  This service is billed on an hourly rate.   
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