Thursday, November 3, 2011

Closet Envy

I have a confession, I have a huge problem with staying organized and keeping my house clean.  I would like to say that it's all because I have three young girls (under four) and a husband that likes to drop things on the floor when he comes home from work, but seeing as though my mom reads my blog she will call me out and say keeping things clean and organized has always been a problem for me!  Hello, my name is Allison.  I am in my 30's and I have a hard time keeping my room clean.

I sometimes wish I had a little O.C.D, that way I would keep everything nice and neat.  I seriously try, but I just can't do it.  I am too much of a free spirit and try to not make anything that doesn't "really matter" a big deal.  Then it gets to the point where I go crazy and become a nutty women who spends hours upon hours trying to clean, and it never seems like it stays that way too long.  What is pushing me over the edge lately is laundry!  I hate laundry and even more I hate putting it away.  I probably hate putting it away because I don't have a fantastic closet that is excited to hold my clothes. 

Maybe if I had one of these in my life at least my closet would be beautiful and organized.  A girl can dream right?!?

Pictures via Pinterest
What do you all do to stay organized?  How often do you find yourself cleaning out closets and rooms?  Now that I am becoming more busy with work, I need help!
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Anonymous said...

You could of been talking about me LOL. I am the exact same way. Super messy but with a very strong desire for order. I wish my hubby was a type a neat freak who would clean up after me and organize everything, but alas, he is worse than me.
Jamie R

Heather said...

I'll take any of the closets. As to the confession...let's just say AMEN!! haha

Jessica said...

I think I'd like the closets WITH all the pretty things in them :) I am far from organized myself so I don't have much advice to share... Except - I do know that the less stuff I have the easier it is to keep my home closer to orderly. You should see my front buffet right now. COVERED in stuff. And yes, its right inside my front door so its the first thing visitors see. Yay for great first impressions!!

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