Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Repin Wednesday

I love Seinfeld!  If you all have seen it do you remember the episode that Jerry went to get a Marble Rye for his friend George, only to find out that an old women in front of him in line got the last one?  Jerry then ends up stealing the Marble Rye from her and runs off with her chasing him in the background yelling, "He stole my Marble Rye!  My Marble Rye!!!"  Well I thought for sure this was going to happen to me today, but rather than stealing a Marble Rye from someone it would be a big fat 20 pound turkey!  I had to go to a couple stores to find one big enough, and yes...I was sweating that our Thanksgiving would consist of everything but a turkey.  But I found one, and it was NOT in someone's basket. 

So, if you are like me and still are looking at ideas for Thanksgiving here are a few from Pinterest that caught my eye.  I seriously could have posted a million of them but today you will have to settle for only 11. 

All recipes are found under Thanksgiving on my Pinterest Page
YUMM!!!  Anyone else hungry?  What are your staples that you always have on Thanksgiving? 

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Jessica said...

I'd be happy just eating the stuffing that my Mom makes and mashed potatoes + gravy :) Those are the staples that I'm always glad to have.

cws said...

I love the pictures in this post! I may have to have a special Sunday dinner this month!

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