Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jury Duty

Jury Duty calls tomorrow bright and early.  Secretly I'm hoping I get selected.  The justice system fascinates me, however messed up it is! 

Did you know that it costs $47,000 per inmate per year in the state of California?  I just saw this on the news today.  That is crazy!!!  For federal prisons it is upwards of $60,000 per inmate per year.  Something is messed up with this situation don't you think?  Well enough of my rants, hopefully I can serve my country and do my civic duty, painting will just have to wait. 

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Jaquielyn said...

Lol, I secretly think it would be neat to be on jury duty too!! But everyone dreads it... Hope you got your chance to contribute to our justice system!

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