Friday, October 28, 2011

One Lucky Fighter wins CK Condo Giveaway

I have been having some serious computer issues!  My computer doesn't like to work and decides to go on boycott when something really important needs to be done, like post on my blog!  So I have hijacked my husbands work computer...thank you husbands work for your laptop I truly appreciate it.

So without further rantings who is the winner?  After reading the posts one stuck out to me very much especially because of what month October recognizes.  Let me give you a hint,
Although October represents Breast Cancer awareness, one of my readers that posted for the giveaway is fighting cancer!  That just brings tears to my eyes when I think of it.  Both for how awesome it is to be someone to beat cancer and for how sad I feel for anyone that as to go through something has horrific as cancer, especially when there are children involved.  So how could I not give this amazing giveaway to Samantha Carter! 

(Her Comment)
I did all the steps for your contest! Me and my husband could really use a vacation about now! We've had a rough two years dealing with my thyroid cancer and numerous surgeries, my husband is in school full time, and working, plus we have three little children so we are on a tight budget as it is! My kids dream about the going to the beach they talk about it all the time :)

I am so proud of you Samantha, and think you definitely deserve a trip full of no stress and carefree days!  Join me all in congratulating Samantha for not only getting the CK Condos trip but for fighting cancer and of course going to be the winner of it!
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Sami Carter said...

We are so excited! Thank you soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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