Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I confess, I did cheat in school sometimes.  If you say you never did, I say you are lying!  If you still swear you never did even after I just called you out, then you were a great kid and I am sure you made your parents very proud.  My cheating started with math.  I have never been really good at math, or English (can you tell with all the mistakes I know I am making).  I would write the answers in pencil very lightly in the top corner of the flash cards from school.  When my parents would quiz me I would do great and they were always impressed with how smart their little girl was!  Then when they would ask me the same multiplication question in the car and I had no idea, I think they caught on.  Sorry Mom, I was a punk!  I am not sure the reason why I cheated seeing as though when I did cheat I totally cheated wrong!  The smart kid would get an A and I would get a C.  Go figure!  So my cheating days were short lived, I realized the saying is true...Cheaters NEVER Prosper. 
Last night I saw adults cheat on one of my favorite shows I DVR'd called The Great Food Truck Race.  So sad to see this team never learned their lesson in grade school!  Don't you love this show?!?  It is so great!  If you haven't seen it, it's like Amazing Race meets Food, my kind of show!  It is down to the wire with only four teams left.   

Hodge Podge

Korill BBQ

Roxy's Grilled Cheese

Lime Truck
 Each city they go to they are given a Road Block which is a challenge.  This weeks was changing their menu to all vegetarian in Memphis Tennessee home of BBQ and MEAT!  The truck that sells the least goes home...that is unless you CHEAT!  I am so stunned!  Korilla BBQ cheated!  What were they thinking?  They were doing so good every week, and just because they got scared and not so confident as usual they resorted to childish behavior, and on National TV at that!  What tools!  The best part is that based on their sales they would have been safe!  They didn't even need to cheat Hodge Podge would have left.  Life is seriously all about choices isn't it?!?  Now I don't know who I should start cheering for.  I want to like the Lime truck because they are from my "home" in Orange County, CA but something about them bothers me.  Maybe that they are skinnier than me?  So I think I am going to root for Hodge Podge.  Chris really knows what he is doing even though I can't stand the dresses the girls wear.  Who's with me? 

Leave another comment telling me who you want to win and who you can't stand and you will get an additional entry into the Giveaway drawing this week. 

Tomorrow I am going to check out some of the furniture I will be refinishing! So excited to share those with you!!! 

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weaverfam said...

I totally love this show! And I am still in a little bit of shock that they cheated and are gone...I had picked them to win it all. I don't know now, not in love with any of the rest of them.

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